What is Presence?

Cat with true Presence
What is attracting your curiosity today?

Presence! We all know when someone has it. We also can tell when someone doesn’t have it. But what is IT? I have spent much of my adult life exploring presence, originally as a dancer, then as a yoga teacher and public speaking coach, and now as a photographer and filmmaker.

Presence isn’t something that we pull out of the closet and don for a special occasion. It’s a way of being and a practice that we cultivate in every aspect of our lives. At its most basic level, presence is simply about showing up fully in the present moment. It is our ability to be self-aware while at the same time available and receptive. It happens when we are fully embodied, when we let go of judgments and self-criticism, and become curious about the people and world around us.

When we are in full presence, we see more clearly and discover beauty and joy in each moment, in each relationship, in each authentic connection.  And yet, modern life is filled with so many distractions that we become blinded to the simplicity of Now.

Practicing presence is a never-ending journey of arriving, forgetting, and arriving again.  In some ways, it’s as simple as lifting the veil of distraction to see what’s truly there and to gently welcome life in with kindness. But remembering to lift that veil is the challenge.

Presence Practices offered at Revealed Presence

This website and the products offered here are dedicated to helping you slow down so that you can practice and live your personal and professional life joyfully, authentically and with more Presence. While for many years my primary work was on helping people develop a strong speaking presence, I’m retired from that work now but do offer a number of Public Speaking Resources that can help enhance your public speaking presence.

More recently, my primary focus was on the use of photography to help develop presence. Practicing Presence Thru Photography

Now my focus is on bringing stories to life through films.

To dive more deeply into the question “What is Presence?” you might be interested in a conversation I had with a rabbi who was follower of my photo blog.