Story Cards: Deck of 25 (A) plus Digital Photo Deck

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The Revealed Presence® Story Card Deck A consists of 25 vertically oriented cards the size of standard postcards.  These cards are all selected from the photos and questions posted on the Revealed Presence photo blog.  Each card has an image on the front side and a title and question on the back.  These cards can be used for personal and photographic inspiration as well as ice-breakers or conversation starters.  See examples

This package is bundled with a digital set of slides that can be used for online meetings which present multiple challenges, particularly in creating a sense of connection, safety and trust.  This digital photo slide deck gives you a simple way to share your screen and offer participants a selection of images to choose from.  The digital slide show is a PDF file containing three different groupings of images. They can be used in any situation where you display your screen.  With your PDF reader you can either run it as a slide show or enter full screen. Using 24 images from the Revealed Presence Story Card Deck A, this slide show is designed to replicate the use of images in in-person meetings.  It contains:

  • Six slides with 4 images each
  • Four slides with 6 images each
  • Three slides with 8 images each


Sample digital slide

Revealed Presence® Story Cards work beautifully in group settings, but can also be used to create more intimacy in one-on-one conversations or to deepen individual meditation practices. Click here to learn more about the story of Story Cards.

When working with the digital deck, you’ll find it best to choose a single slide ahead of time so that you don’t have to scroll through the slides during the meeting.  A slide can be used as a way to begin or end a meeting by showing your screen and asking participants to select an image that best captures some quality of… (how they’re feeling, the core of the issue, etc.) You choose which slide to use for the exercise.  For instance you could use one slide to start a meeting, and then a second slide with different images to end the meeting.

“We used one slide with 4 of your photos and asked people: ‘Pick a photo that best reflects how you are feeling right now.’  People put their answers in the chat box. It was a nice ice-breaker and the responses were very moving and authentic.  It was an effective way of immediately involving everyone and connecting people to each other and the group.  Got us all present and grounded.  Very simple and effective.”
Madeline Snow Typadis
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
UMass Lowell

Here are some ideas for how you could use the physical Story Card deck for storytelling, conversation and inspiration:

Group facilitation ice breakers

Photo only: Ask people to chose a card that reflects some aspect of a question related to the work of the group.  As an introduction ask them to tell a story about why they chose the image.

Photo and Question: As people enter the room ask them to select an image they are drawn to but not to look at the back of the card.  Ask each person to tell a story about why they chose the image, and then have them turn the card over and answer the question briefly without having thought about it in advance.

Photo and Question: Have one person choose a card randomly from the deck and then have each person in the group reflect on the image and/or question by telling a personal story evoked by the card.

Group problem solving

Clarify the problem or issue confronted by the group and together arrive at a question that captures the essence of the problem.  As you consider that question, have each person pull a card randomly.  Reflect on the image and question.  As a group, consider how what the card presents might open or expand your understanding of the problem or issue.

Family/Friend gatherings where you want to deepen the conversation

Photo and Question: Have one person choose a card randomly from the deck and then have each person in the group reflect on the image and/or the question by telling a personal story evoked by the card.

Daily personal inspiration

Photo and Question: Randomly pull a card each day and use the photo and question to reflect on an important quality or focus for the day.


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