Intuitive Directions: A tool for creative thinking


Intuitive Directions® is a tool for groups and individuals to use for creative thinking, reflection, problem solving, journaling, and daily inspiration. This tool offers an accessible way to gain insight into the unknown. It helps people gain new perspectives on issues that matter and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

If you’re a facilitator of group processes you might be interested in the Facilitator Combo Toolkit, which combines this boxed set with the Revealed Presence® Story Card Bundle. The combination of the two gives you many options for deepening conversations.  In large group meetings the Story Card Bundle is often most used as an icebreaker.  In small team meetings the images in the Bundle can help give you a reading on where people stand on an issue, and the Intuitive Directions set can offer new perspectives and clarity when the team feels stuck or needs inspiration. The price for this toolkit is $145, a reduction of $13 if each was bought separately. more…


An innovative approach to gaining insight and clarity when you are faced with uncertainty

Nine years in the making, the Intuitive Directions boxed set contains instructions, a pair of dice and seven decks of 25 cards each, organized around seven themes.

  • Embody (red)
  • Create (orange)
  • Actualize (yellow)
  • Connect (green)
  • Express (blue)
  • Discern (indigo)
  • Source (violet)

Blue points to the Express Deck; Red to the Embody Deck

Each card has an image and question specifically chosen for its respective deck. The cards are designed to help you break out of patterned ways of thinking. Rolling the dice introduces an element of serendipity leading to themes that might provide fresh perspectives. Questions invite curiosity and create openings in our thinking. Images engage our imagination, draw on past experiences, and can lead us into further clarity.

The Intuitive Direction cards offer prompts to inspire you. They can help you think out of the box to solve problems and to discover, reflect on, and express your truth. Above all, they can offer a doorway into imaginative, creative and intuitive thinking.

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2 reviews for Intuitive Directions: A tool for creative thinking

  1. Carla Kimball

    I love the way your cards activate that deeply reflective aspect of mind that is in union with feeling—it reminds me of when I used to throw the iChing years ago.

    Deborah C.
    Posted for Deborah by Carla

  2. Sandy B

    The Intuitive Directions™ deck of cards is an amazing resource.  By rolling the dice and choosing two cards, one can access out-of-the box thoughts and insights that might not be present otherwise.

    What is a powerful question you are considering?  If you’ve thought about the question previously, you may have come up with some answers.  By using the cards – with photos  and questions – you can explore possibilities that you may not have considered already.

    The cards have the potential to be an impactful resource that will benefit my clients and expand their horizons.  I’m excited about increasing the depth of work and having many aha moments in the process.

    Sandy B
    Life in Transition Life Coach
    Posted for Sandy by Carla

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