Facilitator Combo Toolkit


This kit bundles together the Intuitive Directions® boxed set with the Revealed Presence® Story Card decks A, B, and C to serve the multiple needs of facilitators who run both large and small group meetings/workshops.


The Facilitator Combo Toolkit couples together two photo/question sets of cards that offer different approaches to facilitating meaningful conversations in large and small groups.

Photo cards for large and small groups

The Revealed Presence Story Cards are postcard-sized photos with questions on the back designed to be used in large and small group settings to help people break out of patterned responses to group questions.  They are often used at the beginning of a meeting to help people feel more comfortable introducing themselves or being fully present in the room. Below are some possible prompts used to instruct people in selecting a card.  You can start with the statement “Select a card that captures . . .”

  • How you currently feel about [the issue at hand]?
  • What you hope we accomplish by the end of our time together?
  • What you see as the essence of [the issue at hand]?
  • What quality would you like to bring to this meeting?
  • What quality or experience from earlier today might influence how present you can be in this meeting?

At other times they can also be used as a way of assessing where people feel stuck during the course of a meeting by asking people to select a card that captures how they feel about the issue NOW.

The Story Card set including in this Ice Breaker Kit consists of all 100 cards from Decks A, B, and C plus a set of instructions.  Regular price for all three decks is $89.

Photo cards for creative thinking

The Intuitive Directions is a set of photo/question cards that serves a tool for creative thinking that can serve to break the ice when stuck around a particular issue.  It is a boxed set designed for use in small groups as a way to gain clarity on troublesome issues. It includes seven decks of 25 cards each plus a pair of dice and an instruction booklet.  Each deck is a specific color and theme.  Each card has a photo and a question to reflect on in relation to the subject at hand.

One way to work with this set is to roll the dice which will point to the colors of the decks to pull cards from.  This introduces an element of trust and synchronicity that can lead to surprising revelations for new ways to look at an issue. There are no hard and fast rules, and facilitators have found many different ways to use this set to achieve their own purposes.

more information and instructions. . .

see examples. . .

Intuitive Directions opens up new perspectives and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.  Regular price for the boxed set is $69.

Intuitive Directions: Decks, Dice and Instructions
Intuitive Directions: Decks, Dice and Instructions


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