This page will eventually have links to a portfolio of photo collections from my archives.  In the future, you’ll be able to buy individual images in a variety of sizes and media directly from this webiste.  In the meantime, here is a slide show of a few of my images for you to enjoy.  Email me if you’re drawn to a particular image and would like more info or to order a print.

To give viewers a direct experience of my images I print my photos on a variety of media that do not require matting or framing: aluminum plates, a thin wrap process, and ceramic tiles.  As an illustration of what can be done with these media, below is a warming image of two photos printed on aluminum plates and placed in a non-funtioning fireplace.

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Please email me to inquire about purchasing these images.  To give you a general sense of pricing, here is a listing of metal print sizes in either a mid-gloss or satin surfaces:

4 x 6   $40

5 x 7   $55

8 x 10   $95

8 x 12   $135

10 x 20   $225

12 x 18   $225

16 x 20   $325