Intuitive Directions Basic Instructions

The most basic way to work with Intuitive Directions

Consider an issue you are struggling with or ask a question.  Then. . .

  1. Roll the dice.

    Blue points to the Express Deck; Yellow to the Actualize Deck
    Blue points to the Express Deck; Yellow to the Actualize Deck
  2. Shuffle the two corresponding decks and draw a card from each. For example, if you roll a blue and a yellow, you would draw from the Express (blue) deck and the Actualize (yellow) deck. If you roll two of the same color, for example two oranges, you would select a card from the Create (orange) deck and one from the Source (violet) deck.
  3. After rolling the dice, the first thing to note is the theme of the two decks, asking yourself, for instance, what do you want to express today or what do you need to actualize.
  4. Then consider the two cards you’ve drawn and reflect on the photos and questions as they might apply to the issue, problem, or question you brought to the table.

see examples. . .

Make the deck your own

There are many ways to use this tool and there are no hard and fast rules. Find a way to make it your own, to make it most meaningful to you or your group. Make up your own rules and guidelines. Give yourself permission to play with the cards and see what happens. Let your personal or organizational process emerge rather than feeling like there’s a “right” way to work with the cards. If you approach the game with an open heart and mind you will be surprised at what shows up.

Suggested ways for an individual to engage with the cards

The simplest way to work with this tool is as a source of daily inspiration. Before rolling the dice, ask the question “What do I need to focus on today?” or “What guidance do I need today?” Once you’ve drawn a couple of cards, allow yourself to reflect on the images and questions either by meditating on them, journaling about how they might apply to your current life circumstances, or talking with a partner about what you see and how the questions on the cards might lead you to new insights. You might then also “live into” the question throughout your day, being open to new understandings that might naturally surface over time.

If you are trying to get more clarity on an issue or to solve a problem, spend time in advance of rolling the dice meditating, writing, or talking with a partner about the situation to clarify the key question that you are grappling with. Make the question simple and forward moving, not a yesor notype of question. For example, rather than asking “Should I leave my job?” you might instead ask, “What would make it possible for me to leave my job?”  or “How would life be different if I left my job?” It helps to write down your question so that you can refer to it later.

Suggested ways for a group to engage with the cards

This process works best when the group size is limited to 2 – 4 people.  If the group is larger than that, you might want to divide up into small groups.  Set aside a generous amount of time to allow for in-depth consideration of the issue at hand.

Take time before using the tool to discuss with your group the real issues at hand.  Then give each person in the group an opportunity to think through their personal lack of clarity around the issue.  What is it specifically that they individually would like to reflect on?  For each participant, write down a question that is open-ended rather than requiring a yes or no response.

Once each person’s question has been clearly articulated (and written down) and the over-arching group issue has been agreed upon, then begin to consult the Intuitive Directionsdeck.

Decide ahead of time how much time each person can take with their cards.  Give each person in the group an opportunity to restate their personal inquiry into the issue and then roll the dice.

During that person’s turn, they can reflect on the cards that are drawn and can also ask for help from the group in terms what might arise for them around the questions and images that surface.  At the end of each person’s turn, take a few moments to summarize anything new that emerged from the conversation.

Once each person in the group has had a chance to take a turn, return to the group issue and reflect on what has shifted in their understanding of the issue at hand.  Then take time to explore next steps.

What if you don’t have an immediate response?

You might find that a card comes up that doesn’t really make sense given the question you asked at the beginning. If this happens, you have several options:

  • You could spend time reflecting on the card anyway by asking yourself how this particular card, which at first glance feels irrelevant, could have some piece of useful insight for you? Give it some time. Write about it. Talk to a friend about it. Meditate on it. Take a walk and let it go then come back to it later. Over time you might find that something unexpected and new arises that can help with the issue you brought to the table.
  • Rather than focusing on just the question presented by the card, you could reflect on the photo to see what it brings to mind that might relate to the issue you are working with.
  • You could step back a little and ask yourself, “What’s the larger question behind the one I’m asking today?”
  • You could decide that since there’s no apparent relation between the card and the issue you brought to the cards, you might ask yourself, “Where in life right now would these specific questions and images give me something useful to reflect on?”
  • OR, you could ignore the card altogether and either pull another from the same deck or roll the dice again.

What if the same card shows up over and over?

If you work with the deck regularly, you might find the same card showing up repeatedly. If that happens, it could indicate that it’s something you really should pay attention to and you might want keep that card out and visible for a while (several days or a week) as a reminder to see if you can gain a deeper level of insight.

Again, make Intuitive Directions work for you

Remember there are no hard and fast rules.  These are just suggestions.  Be creative!  Find your own unique ways to work with these cards.  There’s a lot of fertile ground here to cultivate in whatever way you choose.

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