Clarity Coaching with Intuitive Directions

Sometimes you need a sounding board — someone to listen and ask questions in order to help you get clarity on a particularly sticky issue.

Clarity might be as simple as determining the best, most elegant next step in a much larger process.

Or, it might mean stepping back from the issue to get a 10,000 foot view so that you can remember why it’s an issue in the first place.

Or, it could mean that you identify what’s at the heart of the matter before you can take further steps.

Clarity Coaching involves first identifying the problem.  What is the real question you are grappling with?  Sometimes the conversation around identifying that question can take up an entire session and might be enough to begin to shift your understanding of the issue.  As Albert Einstein supposedly once said:

“If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution.”

Once the key issue has been identified and you feel like you’d like to explore the issue further, we’ll work with the Intuitive Directions® set and the two photo/question cards to help you delve deeper into the problem and getting more clarity on the issue.  The conversation can then move in multiple directions depending on your needs.

Please email me if this sounds like an approach that could help you shift your understanding of an issue. We can then explore the best way for me to support you in your inquiry.