Syncing and sourcing

Eileen commented on my last blog and included a link to a video of birds moving in sync with each other. This idea of syncing is fascinating to me.  I’ve been intrigued with how flocks of birds (and fish, for that matter) seem to have one mind and sometimes have found myself standing stock still when a flock of birds is maneuvering overhead. How do they do that?

(c)Copyright, Carla Kimball 2009(c)Copyright: Carla Kimball, 2009

This idea of syncing reminds me of several conversations I had today around the idea of listening to the collective wisdom of a group (some people call this sourcing).  I believe that when we speak and listen from a place of true presence, we then have access to the collective wisdom that’s present in the group with the potential of then “moving with one mind”.

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