The value of a question

(This post is part of a series reflecting on the value offered by my Intuitive Directions® deck.)

I’m not sure that the distinction between a statement and question as they relate to gaining personal clarity is relevant to anyone else but me, but it’s an inquiry that occupies my mind as I consider how to convey the value of my Intuitive Directions® deck of cards.

Again from the book, Silence in the Age of Noise by Erling Kaage.  “What comes to you externally has already been told.”  To me this reflects the value of a statement

The next sentence, “That which is vital, which is unique, is already within you.”  A well-crafted question and accompanying image gives you the opportunity to dive within so that your inner wisdom (what is already there) can emerge.

red_front_6Consider this card from the deck. A statement about the image might go something like this:  “A simple delicate weed can thrive even as it works its way through a daunting environment like concrete and brick.”  We can see that this is true, but the statement doesn’t ask us to reflect on ourselves, to discover “that which is vital…” within us.

On the other hand, the question that accompanies this image on the card provides a vehicle or avenue for self-reflection to learn more about ourselves (what is already within us).  We can look at the image and think about what it must take for the delicate weed to find its way through concrete and then think about how we could do something similar with obstacles in our own lives.

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