Seeing with New Eyes: An online photography course

Seeing With New Eyes: July 1 – August 5

Through a unique mindful approach to photography, this 6 session online course is designed to guide you into a new way of seeing, helping you become more observant and aware of the ordinary beauty in your everyday surroundings. After some simple assignments to help you begin “turn on” your eyes, you’ll explore images that capture personal themes discovered over the course of the class.

As you review your classmate’s photos in two-hour, weekly online sessions, you’ll discover each person’s unique visual perspective as stories of their lives, loves, challenges ,and joys begin to emerge. You’ll also create a simple but highly expressive nine-word poems to deepen the narrative of your photos. The course will end with a slide show of selected images and poems from the class.  Here is a slide show from the first online course held in April and May of this year during the height of the pandemic shut down.


If you’re interested, you might want to register soon as the class size is limited.

Some working knowledge of a camera is recommended. Technological requirements:  A digital camera, access to the internet, and a Google account.

Wednesdays: 4:00 – 6:00 pm EST

If you’re interested in joining the class, you might want to register soon as the class size is limited.




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