Unveiling the new Intuitive Directions™ tool for thinking out of the box

I’m so excited to be launching my new set of cards.  Nine years in the making and drawing from my daily photo blog that ran from 2009 to 2014, this new set contains a pair of dice and seven decks of 25 cards each, organized around seven themes.

  • Embody (red)
  • Create (orange)
  • Actualize (yellow)
  • Connect (green)
  • Express (blue)
  • Discern (indigo)
  • Source (violet)

Each card has an image and question specifically chosen for its respective deck. The cards are designed to help you break out of patterned ways of thinking. Rolling the dice introduces an element of serendipity leading to themes that might provide fresh perspectives. Questions invite curiosity and create openings in our thinking. Images engage our imagination, draw on past experiences, and can lead us into further clarity.

The Intuitive Direction cards offer prompts to inspire you. They can help you think out of the box to solve problems and to discover, reflect on, and express your truth. Above all, they can offer a doorway into imaginative, creative and intuitive thinking. . . more

I’m posting this article in both my Meaningful Conversations blog and my Photo blog because I’ll be using both to share more about this tool.  I’ve written (and will probably continue to write) a series of articles exploring the concepts that have contributed to the development of this new offering.  These I will post in my Meaningful Conversations blog.  I also plan to post what I’m calling a Weekly Roll of the Dice to give you a sense of what can come up when we roll the dice and these weekly postings will appear in my Photo Blog.  If you’ve only subscribed to one of these blogs, you might enjoy registering for both.  And, I’d encourage you to work with the images and questions that appear in the weekly dice roll.

Intuitive Directions is now available for sale in my store at a special introductory price.  Check it out…


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