Creative expression to help integrate complex information

Professional development business conferences are wonderful because you get so many opportunities to meet new people and listen to new ideas.  But we can become saturated with new material very quickly and then it becomes difficult to absorb and integrate useful information.

For this very reason, last year (2010) my friend, colleague and visual artist, Jay Mead, and I were asked to facilitate a Creative Deeper Dive integration session following a keynote presentation at the Pegasus Conference in Boston.  In this well-received session, we blended together simple movement, with Story Cards, poetry writing and clay making to help people process the rich material presented in the keynote just prior.

Participant, Deborah Gilburg of Gliburg Leadership Inc., said this about her experience in the workshop:

“I found the workshop to be a refreshingly authentic experience that not only enabled me to reflect on the content from the previous speaker, but how it effected me personally. There is so much talking out there, and not enough learning. This workshop enabled the latter.”

Email me for more information about bringing creative integration sessions to your event.

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