Glimpses through Windows

After so many years of asking questions through my photos, I’m finding that without a question, each image feels a bit empty to me.  So, I’ll start again to see what question is evoked for me by the image.  Here’s today’s question: How can you capture new perspectives by looking at an issue through different More…

Presence as a daily practice

As I read James Clear book, Atomic Habits, I am reminded of the many times I’ve made small, incremental changes to my life patterns that eventually resulted in daily habits that lasted years and changed my life forever. What I’ve found is that for me the life of a daily habit usually lasts around five to seven years.  And that at each phase, over time, I began to recognize a new identity for myself.

Folded Snow

Photograph by Carla Kimball

While I haven’t been posting for a while, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been photographing. I’m working on several new photography projects that aren’t yet ready for posting, and then occasionally I come up with an image that’s perfect for this blog. Here’s my latest. Question of the day…How can you simplify your life?