Photo Presence

©Revealed Presence Photography, 2015
When have you felt strongly aligned with someone else?

While my primary work has been focused on helping people become more confident and authentic speakers with presence, my photography has given me insights and inspiration into what, in fact, presence is.

I have discovered that whatever I deliberately focused my camera on – which could be the most mundane object – seems to acquire a quality of presence in the photographic image. I have begun to call this “revealed” presence – the ordinary becoming extraordinary simply by revealing it through my camera lens.

In my speaking presence coaching work this insight has led to a new understanding that presence isn’t just something we “have”, but also something we “give”, by turning our attention from ourselves and focusing instead on our audience. We “reveal” their presence by attending to them, letting them know they are important to us, and they in turn ascribe presence to us.

©Revealed Presence Photography, 2015
What is at the center of your universe?

My intention for my Revealed Presence® daily photo blog, which began in January 2009, has been to share an image of revealed presence each day (except for a brief sabbatical while developing this website). Some days the image comes from something I’ve discovered that day and on other days I draw from my photographic archives.

I find that provocative questions can also reveal what is truly important and present to us in the moment and engage us with the photo in a different way, and so each day I couple the photo with a question.

With more than six years of this daily practice, photography has become an important part of my life and what I offer professionally. Here is a selection of ways that I share my photographic experience:

  • Revealed Presence Story Card Decks:  A compilation of images and questions from the daily photo blog that serve as conversation starters.
  • Seeing with New Eyes: A photography class to help you begin to see and capture the beauty in the ordinary by slowing down and looking without judgement.
  • Photography exhibits throughout New England
  • Photography coaching on any aspect of digital photography including understanding your camera, organizing your image files, identifying your best images, and creating memory books with your photos.