Body Presence

Early years as a dancerWhile I’ve had many careers in my adult life (computer operator, software developer, software teacher, human resources manager, stress management consultant, public speaking coach, photographer), the one constant throughout has been some form of body movement/awareness practice.  I began in college as a modern dancer, then moved from there to yoga, tai chi, authentic movement and meditation.  I’ve taught yoga, dance and meditation at various times in my career. To this day I continue to make all five body movement/awareness modalities an important part of my day-to-day life.

Carla-1315Not surprisingly, then, I find that much of what I know about presence I’ve learned from these practices.  As my coaching clients and students will attest, I often bring some form of body awareness and movement into my public speaking and photography classes.   I call it “embodied presence” and feel that we can’t have true presence without it.