Carla Kimball, M.A., M.B.A.

Public Speaking Presence Coaching

Carla KimballCarla is founder of RiverWays Enterprises, the public speaking coaching division of her new company Revealed Presence LLC. After 10 years of working with clients in the Boston area, she relocated her office to the Upper Valley region of Vermont/New Hampshire in 2009.

Working from inside out, she helps clients cultivate the type of leadership presence so essential in today’s world. RiverWays Enterprises has evolved over the past 16 years as a manifestation of Carla’s vision of our full potential as effective, interactive, and expressive human beings.

Carla’s primary premise is that real communication happens when we are fully embodied and aligned with our purpose and when we invite an authentic connection with our audience.

Carla works with individuals and groups, always customizing her programs and coaching services to meet the needs of her clients. With an MBA and a Masters in Counseling/Psychology as well as her training in yoga, meditation , tai chi, and dance, Carla brings an unusual combination of business, interpersonal skills and presence practices to all her work.

In addition to working personally with clients, Carla offers her unique perspective through a variety of written and visual resources which can be found in the Resources section of her website: http://revealedpresence.com/resources/.


Carla has long known the value of the arts to expand people’s awareness. As a long time practitioner of the contemplative arts (meditation, tai chi, yoga), an expressive therapist by training, a facilitator of group experience, and a photographer of ordinary things, Carla has experienced the power of photography to quiet the mind.

In January, 2009, Carla began a daily photo blog not only as a vehicle for sharing her photographs, but also as a venue in which to practice crafting good questions (each blog post has a photo and a question). After more than five years of this daily practice, she has cultivated an eye for the wondrous in the ordinary and the ability to find the unique mystery in an image that leads to conversation and deep thought through her questions.

Carla teaches a photography class called Seeing with New Eyes which helps people discover ordinary beauty in their every day world by eliminating the filters that prevent us from really seeing what’s in front of us.

Contemplative Movement

Early years as a dancerCarla discovered much of what she knows about Presence from her almost 40 years of training as an improvisational modern dancer and a yoga and tai chi practitioner. Over the years she has maintained a regular and ongoing movement practice that has included some combination of the three.  In the past she has taught yoga and dance and she is currently training to become a teacher of the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi with her long-time teacher and mentor, Peter Wayne, author of the book The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi.  With this long-time love of movement, Carla brings a deep understanding of the importance and power of what she calls “embodied Presence” into all her work.

Arts in Health

Carla is passionate about bringing the healing power of the arts into medical settings.  Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center has purchased 12 of her photos for their permanent collection.  In early 2014, she had a large 3 month exhibit of her work at Dartmouth Hitchcock and is an ongoing exhibitor in the four month rotating exhibits at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock.

In addition, Carla has taught her Seeing with New Eyes photography classes to people with spinal cord injuries and early stage Alzheimer’s.  Carla’s photography work in clinical settings brings a sense of joy and wonder into lives filled with challenges.