Speaking Presence

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(Welcome to the Speaking Presence section of the Revealed Presence website which replaces my original public speaking website, RiverWays.com.)

I first learned about presence as a dancer in college at a time when I was terrified of public speaking.  It was only when I encountered a process called Speaking Circles® many years later that I realized that I could transcend my fear of public speaking and begin to tap back into the quality of presence I had experienced as a dancer.

In my 15 years as a public speaking presence coach through my company RiverWays Enterprises (which is now a division of Revealed Presence LLC), and using the Speaking Circle approach as a springboard, I have worked with many hundreds of clients helping them develop an authentic, confident, and connected public speaking presence.  In refining and distilling what I’ve learned from this work about presence and public speaking, I’ve identified seven simple strategies that if practiced regularly in daily life can lead quite seamlessly to an effective presence as a speaker and leader:

  • Slow down… Breathe…
  • Recognize that where you put your attention that’s where energy goes
  • Feel your feet on the ground
  • Think of it as a conversation not a presentation
  • Ask yourself, how can I be of service?  Not, how can I show my expertise?
  • Smile, both to be kind to yourself and to engage your audience
  • Trust the power of silence

These seven strategies are embedded in all the work I do with private coaching clients and are built into the curriculums of the public speaking workshops and classes that I teach.

Here are a few links to learn more about my approach, my coaching services, and the classes and workshops that I offer:


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